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Installation Fees & Extras

Trade In Credit

Trade in your existing AirSPEED Wireless equipment or any competitors wireless equipment and upgrade to WiMAX.


Installation Fee

Installation of Subscriber Access Point, Antenna, wiring and configuration of the first computer


Purchase Equipment

Equipment Cost

Easy Payment Plan ..over 6 months


$50.00 /mo

Rent Equipment

Equipment Deposit

Monthly Rental



Service Fees & Extras

Hourly labor

POE (power over ethernet adapter)

Static IP Address

Wireless Router (security configured)

3rd Party Equipment Support
(iPhone, iPad, 3rd Party Routers, Wireless Printers etc.)

Extra Cat-5 (for non standard installations)

$55 / hour


$15.00 /mo



25ยข /foot

*Based on a 30 minute technical support phone call

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